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3D Modelling

African Consulting Surveyors are leaders in the production of detailed and accurate 3D as-build models derived from 3D scanned pointclouds. Generally we deliver models consisting of surface shapes only to represent the physical dimensions and spatial position and orientation of an object, however we are also capable of adding intelligence to these models given that we receive all the required metadata.
The graphic above indicates the life cycle process and why professional owner operators should scan and reverse engineer their existing plant infrastructure. The benefit and return on investment (ROI) increases as the 3D information is utilised across the owner operator enterprise.
Access data across the Enterprise

By using enterprise solutions to get ROI, share the information across the whole enterprise, supplying the correct detailed information to the end user at the right time. Matching skill levels with the available technology will allow a user with business knowledge to add value without being an engineering resource. (Please refer to the graphic above).

Some benefits of scanning and creating 3D Models include:

As-build models

Clash Detection

Structural Audits & Analysis

Planning and scheduling simulations

Drawing extractions off the Model with Point cloud data

Health & Safety Meetings

Operational Decision making

Safety Audits in the Board Room

Incident & Fatality Management – quantify and identify damage

Bill of Materials

Locating of Equipment

Locating all documentation associated to a component

History review of a component

Delivery Dates and costs from integrated Sap 1, Sap pm system

Condition reporting of components for maintenance and safety

Works orders integration

Mobile devices giving the above capabilities whilst on Site

African Consulting Surveyors
African Consulting Surveyors (ACS) is a leading geospatial service and solution provider. A company based on sound engineering and surveying principles we provide our clients with ‘out the box’ innovation, focusing on increasing return on investment (ROI) on our projects.
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