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Airborne LiDAR


[ lahy-dahr ]
noun Electronics, Optics.
  1. a device similar to radar in principle and operation but using infrared laser light instead of radio waves and capable of detecting particles, distant objects, and varying physical conditions in the atmosphere.
LiDAR mapping allow us to capture 100’s of square kilometres of the earth’s surface in a single day, currently making it by far the most cost effective solution for large project areas. LiDAR ground space sampling can vary up to 100 points per square meter allowing for accurate and detailed data capture. Our LiDAR systems also provide multiple returns per single pulse allowing penetration through any vegetation and therefore capturing accurate ground elevation data.
At the same time we also capture high definition aerial photography ranging from 5cm to 10cm image resolution. These images are then combined with the LiDAR data to produce ortho-photo imagery to accuracies of 1.5 times that of the image resolution.
African Consulting Surveyors has a range of different airborne platforms and LiDAR systems available to our disposal throughout the African continent to save the client on costly mobilisations and are tailored for specific projects sizes and requirements.

Our airborne fleet includes:

Piper Cherokee 6 - Fixed wing aircraft
This platform is ideal for mapping of large areas of interest due to its range and economy. This platform is mostly used in South Africa and neighbouring countries where Avgas is available.
Magni Logo
Magni Gyrocopter
We have recently acquired a new low cost and light weight LiDAR system, allowing us to operate this system on our own gyrocopter.
Robinson Helicopters
Robinson R44 Helicopter
B3 Eurocopter

LiDAR technology can be used in the following applications to name but a few:

Greenfields projects
Planning and design purposes in mining, road, rail etc.
Volume surveys
Greenfields projects
Planning and design purposes in mining, road, rail etc.
Volume surveys
Please refer to our range of solutions under our Markets for more detailed information and applications of LiDAR technology.
All aviation services are operated under South African AOC number CAA/G932D in accordance with Civil Aviation Law
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