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Large Format Aerial Photography

African Consulting Surveyors owns and operates following systems:

2 Large Format Camera Systems
2 Standard Camera System
1 Oblique Fully Integrated System
Large format aerial photography replaces aerial film photography in the aerial photogrammetry industry, but with the continued use of an unchanged workflow. Small-scale or large-scale imagery is delivered with high-quality resolution using state-of-the-art modular systems for single frame or multi-frame camera systems aboard aircraft flown at varying altitudes to produce pristine single large format imagery. Imagery include classic RGB images obtained from a combination of Red, Green and Blue sensors aboard the camera; or the inclusion of a fourth Near-Infrared (NIR) sensor to produce Colour-Infrared (CIR) imagery. CIR imagery finds its use especially with the detection and analysis of vegetation, based on the principle that vegetation readily reflects infrared light. This makes it perfect for applications such as tree count, plant health monitoring, plant biomass analysis, and even temporal urbanisation monitoring.

Based on varying flying altitudes, various ground sampling distances (GSDs) provide unparalleled spatial resolution and accuracy – ensuring very high radiometric and geometric resolution – a necessity for the identification and analysis of spatial features. GSD is a directly proportional to flight altitudes thus giving an average of 1000 m/AGL for 5 cm/pix; 2000 m/AGL for 10 cm/pix; and 3000 m/AGL for 15 cm/pix. This all translates to the production of an enormous range of mapping possibilities and deliverables that include Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) and orthophotos for any use of your choice.
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