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From the planning phase through to the construction phase and maintenance, African Consulting Surveyors can assist those working in the energy sector by providing them with cost effective technologies to optimise their electricity rollout programs.

African Consulting Surveyors provides the following solutions to the energy sector:

From prospecting, feasibility studies to final planning and implementation, ACS can assist with new power line projects. We a…
Power Line Surveys
Using high definition aerial LiDAR technology we are capable of mapping existing power line infrastructure for accurate as-bu…
Cooling Tower Audits
ACS has a solution specifically catered for cooling tower inspections providing the Engineer with far more valuable informati…
Underground Service Detection
Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology can be used to detect the exact location and depth of underground services before n…
Incident Management
Often an incident may cause operations to halt, pending investigations and review. 3D scan capturing of incidents after they …
Power Line Clearance
Vegetation growth and other obscuring structures underlying power lines can be identified, mapped and quantified using LiDAR …
Visualisation solutions
ACS are specialists in the 3D visualisation and rendering industry. We can produce visualisations for a number of different r…
African Consulting Surveyors
African Consulting Surveyors (ACS) is a leading geospatial service and solution provider. A company based on sound engineering and surveying principles we provide our clients with ‘out the box’ innovation, focusing on increasing return on investment (ROI) on our projects.
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