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Mobile LiDAR Mapping

Mobile scanning employs state of the art laser technology coupled with high-end GPS and IMU systems to produce accurate and detailed scan data from a moving platform. The system can be mounted on any vehicle, boat, train etc. and can map at speeds of up to 120km per hour. The slower one drives, the more points per square meter is captured and the more detailed the data. Different speeds and planning approaches are used based on the nature of the project.
The advantages of using mobile scanning over conventional survey methods are:
Fast data capturing and turnaround times
Cost effective
More detailed and rich data
Conforms with TMH11 standards and accuracies
Safety, being able to survey from the comfort of your vehicle
African Consulting Surveyors have utilised this technology successfully in the following industries:
Road and Rail

Mobile Mapping is the ideal solution for roads and rail infrastructure surveys and design due to the fast data capturing and cost effectiveness of this approach. This data can furthermore be used for secondary applications such as:

  • Asset Management
  • Rideabilty and condition assessments
  • Drainage and runoff analysis etc.
Plant and Mining infrastructure

ACS has completed a number of plant and mining infrastructure scans over the years, which has been able to assist owner operators with some of the following functions:

  • Planning and new design
  • Clash detection and routing (especially piping and pipe racks)
  • Scheduling and vehicle movement analysis onsite
  • Civil engineering applications (DTM’s, elevation data, spot heights etc.)
  • Asset Management
Please refer to our range of solutions under our Markets for more detailed information and applications of 3D scanning technology.
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