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Software Integration & Training

African Consulting Surveyors recognises that our clients work on a variety of software packages providing a range of different functions and solutions.

As such, ACS has committed itself to provide our data in suitable formats that minimises the amount of work that the client has to perform to integrate the data successfully into their workflow.
In addition, ACS also has a dedicated training department who can assist with additional training to maximise the benefit of utilising our technology and solutions.

ACS offers a range of 3rd party software sales and training to meet almost any industry need. We also specialise in the customisation and development of new software and workflows for specific client requirements.
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Below are some of the solutions and projects we are currently involved with:
ACS develops, customises and sells software solutions for mining and engineering infrastructure. This includes software for international vendors which we deploy, customise and integrate to meet the client’s requirements.
ACS trains, customises, supports and sells the Bentley Solutions into mining, road, plant, rail, municipal, hydro and any built infrastructure owner operators and design firms.
ACS customises solutions for asset management and enterprise solutions.
ACS has developed solutions for wayleave systems which are run by Tshwane municipality and the Botswana road department.
We have developed fleet management solutions currently deployed in the Gauteng roads department.
We are also currently developing a solution for Kumba Iron Ore for open cast mining and month end volumes, optimising their laser scanning procedures and replacing traditional survey technologies.
African Consulting Surveyors
African Consulting Surveyors (ACS) is a leading geospatial service and solution provider. A company based on sound engineering and surveying principles we provide our clients with ‘out the box’ innovation, focusing on increasing return on investment (ROI) on our projects.
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