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Terrestrial 3D Scanning

African Consulting Surveyors are leaders in the field of terrestrial scanning and employ the latest technologies to ensure rapid turnaround and cost savings on projects. Terrestrial scanners are stationary scanners that can scan up to one million points per second, yielding point densities of tens of thousands of points per square metre therefore providing detailed and rich data.

Why Scan – Capture Spatial Assets?

The graphic above indicates the life cycle process and why professional owner operators should scan and reverse engineer their existing plant infrastructure. The benefit and return on investment (ROI) increases as the 3D information is utilised across the owner operator enterprise.
Traditionally organisations have their plants scanned for brown field projects and the scanned data and 3D model data are supplied to the EPC as part of the as built data for the new works.

Like all projects if the owner operator could receive their “as-is” plant data (current scanned and reversed engineered 3D models) spatially correct and then utilise this data the ROI is exponentially achieved as all the value gained by using this information form part of their plant asset management and operations services. If you have the right information at the right time you can make educated decisions.

This data now gives the organisation a 3D spatially correct model which can be used on a daily basis in the operational, planning and maintenance of the plant.
This data can be used for safety, identifying items and concerns, operational methods, discussions about isolation and removal of equipment when doing installations and all of this can be achieved in a meeting whilst on site or remote meetings by viewing the scanned point clouds and or 3D models.
Reduce carbon footprints
This in turn reduces the carbon footprint of the plant and reduces safety and security at the plant, as external resources requiring this information don’t have to travel, be accommodated and enter the plant security areas.
Scheduled shutdowns and planning
Training and transfer of experienced skills to resources or discussions about scheduled shut down of equipment can be achieved in a safe office environment and verified by allowing resources to show the management how and what they have to do, before carrying out their allotted tasks.
Clash detection
Clash detection of new equipment, piping, abnormal loads moving around the plant and equipment installation with crane access and what structural component must be removed using the 3D models and point cloud before incurring unscheduled or extended shut downs will reduce costs, wastage, down time and increase productivity.
Structural audits
Intelligent structures, which are generated in this process, will form the foundation of the statuary structural assessments / audits that must be carried out on each and every plant. These models can be used in round tripping with structural analysis applications (no recapture for the design models members and nodes required).
Asset Management
If the 3D models are integrated with enterprise solutions for document management (operating documents, bill of materials (BIM), safety documents, project schedules, equipment schedules etc…), asset management solutions, preventative maintenance solutions, SAP (financial solutions), SAP PM with work orders then the organisation will optimise the ROI of the scanning and 3D Models.
The driver behind the reverse engineering of any plant should be focussed on the enterprise as this will assist in the maintenance and operations of the plant which is 80% of the cost of the plant versus the design and construction at +- 20% of the plant (most 3D models are used for design).
As with any solution effort, energy, training, commitment, dedication and maintenance will be required to implement and utilise any enterprise solution.
Please refer to our range of solutions under our Markets for more detailed information and applications of 3D scanning technology.
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